“anhelo”. First published in eyrie art & literary magazine, Vol. 34, 2015. fcsPa 3rd place award for photography in florida, 2016.

I’ve lived a life with quite a range of experience and it has brought me many lessons I would otherwise not have. I’ve been exposed to things that made me grow up at a rapid pace and think different. 

So when I think of my mission, my answer is two fold.

The direct and to the point answer is:
I want to leave this world better than I found it. 
Whether that be through art, literature or any other endeavor.

Now if I break it down, it gets complex and ambitious, like me. I aim to bring conversation through art, to spark dialogue and challenge conventional methods of thinking; I believe if I aim to help change society, we need to change our thinking first.

Through both visual media and my endeavors with SolCityRadio, I bring perspective and elevate our conscious awareness. Just as I hope to inspire and empower others to pursue and fight for an egalitarian society. 

That’s the mission. Now, what’s the vision?

The grand scheme vision includes: developing social causes to help under represented communities, have a gallery space that helps empowers creative voices, creating a body of work both visual and literary that adds value to our human history and most of all, to be an active vehicle for social change.

In sum, to make my time on this Earth count before it runs out.

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